One ring to rule them all :D

Hello my dearest readers!

It’s been some time since I last gave you an update on my behalf…well boring things first: My diploma thesis is still ongoing and, apart from a publication that’s hopefully published soon, not much happend regarding this topic.

But, one very good thing happened since I last wrote: I…or should I say WE married 😀 Yes, you’ve heard correctly, on the 17th of May one little word chaged it all: yes, yes, yes 😀 It was a wonderfull day with all my beloved ones near me: my husband, my family (mum, dad, my sister, my brother and my grandma), my best friends (one of them being my witness) and later even my dearest colleagues came to congratulate us 🙂 It’s avery good feeling to know, that the person you love the most wants to spend his life with you…but the best feeling of all is the feeling of being loved 🙂

When our photographer is finished with processing our pictures, I will post one of my handsome husband…and of myself…because I didn’t look too shabby myself 😉

So stay tuned and wait for what is there to come 🙂

Married blessings! 🙂

Your empress

Queen Melanie of Melania 🙂

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I’m alive, yes I’m alive! And problems with my knee…

Hello my dearest readers!

Finally I again found some time to humor you with stories from my life 😉

Although I have to admit, I don’t have much to tell.

My last post was not that pleasant…in the meantime I managed to cope with Pünktchen’s lost, although I dream of her quite often, my time consuming diploma thesis keeps me from missing her a lot. After Pünktchen’s death I gave Celia to a very nice friend of mine and finally made the decision to let her give Celia in good care. I didn’t come up with this solution easily but I think it’s best for all of us. Maybe someday I get myself another pet, at the moment I’m thinking about a hamster, but we’ll see.

My diploma thesis is still ongoing and now I even have a first official deadline: 28th of July 2010, although I certainly have to prolong this 😉

As the titel implies my surgically repaired knee is again making problems. At first my bone marrow was sore because of the screw in my leg, when this was healed again I fell on the stairs and hurt my knee a second time. Well all things heal, don’t they? 😉

Another thing to tell was that I visited my first Roleplaying-Game-Convention 🙂 Together with my two best friends Christian and Markus I spend a very funny, playful and also very strenuous weekend and the only thing to say is…I would certainly do it again 🙂 We had a whole lot of fun, met very nice people and some strange ones too…I mean..who really has to discuss probabilities in RPG and Gaussian curves at half past four in the night? 😉 But all in all now that I know what equipment I need for a Con…like earplugs e.g. 😉 … I’m ready to visit the next one soon 🙂

For now I wish you all the best, I will rest my knee for a bit and laze myself in front of the TV 😉

Greetings to you all 🙂


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Tainted with sadness…

today my beloved chinchilla Pünktchen passed away…

When I came home from the lab she was lying in her cage not moving…every attempt to wake her up failed…

Somehow I have to cope with this loss…

Tomorrow I will go to Manuel’s parents and lay her to rest next to her first partner Krümel.

God, I’m gonna miss her so much…

Rest in peace my love…I will never forget you…


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A short interim report :) Diploma thesis: week 4

My dearest readers!

Now for a small update on my behalf and the behalf of the lab 🙂

Today the 4th week of my diploma thesis ends…and somehow times goes by way too fast O_o

I work really hard, and have been to the lab the last three weekends in a row (the last two even on Saturday and Sunday) and somehow I don’t have the feeling to have accomplished enough O_o

I even did my first night shift, last Monday I was in the lab starting from 9 a.m. to Tuesday morning 9 a.m. and took probes for my growth experiment. It was really strenuous but not as scary as everybody told me it would be 😉

Concerning research I don’t have much to tell, the production of my crude extract meanwhile goes really well, only my enzyme test (I have to newly establish) I need to work on a bit more till it works properly. But I will sort this out sometime, I mean, I still have some more month left 😉

Now I will prepare my favourite food – baked potatoes with tzatziki – before I go to the lab later this evening and let the day finish with the Simpson’s Movie 🙂

I wish you all a very nice weekend! 🙂

Melanie 🙂

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Me being a diploma student :)

My dearest readers!

After quite some time now I found a few minutes to write a short blog about the last few days.

On August 17th I started my diploma thesis on the subject of osmoregulation in bacteria 🙂

I’m really excited and motivated to clear the last hurdle of my biology-studies 🙂

For another year I will spend most of my time in the lab, doing research on my pet-microbe and hoping that everything will turn out, the way it should 😉

This first week was mainly about literature research but starting tomorrow the real action takes place.  😀

I will keep you updated on all the progress and frustration my thesis will hold ready for me 😉

Wish you all the best

scientific greetings

Mel 🙂

You take a pinch of…and other thoughts on getting married

My dearest readers!

Some of you know already, for the others I will drop the Breaking-News-Bomb right away: I’m getting married soon 🙂

And with soon I mean May 2010.

After seven years with one another, seven years of shared joy and jointly borne misery, we – my fiancé Manuel and I – decided to tie the holy bond of matrimony.

At this point I won’t fall into adulations about how good, perfect, handsome and amazing Manuel is (although I see it that way and he surely would like to hear it, right my dearling? 🙂  )…everybody has good reasons to get married; mine are spending my life with my soulmate, my loved one, my best friend and saviour, who gives me besides other things, the feeling to be complete.

In magazines, on TV and on the Internet I often heard that for many women the most im important thing a man should do is “make them laugh”…well, I could think of several things that come to my mind when I hear this, but I just let my female comrades cherish their illusions.

In a relationship there are many values, that are important and should be important like love, respect, empathy and faithfulness among others. For me personally one other aspect is way more important.

Without this aspect genuine love, honest respect, sincere empathy and true faithfulness wouldn’t be possible…and this aspect is: understanding.

For me personally understanding is the greatest good another person can give you.

If someone really understands you, loves you for who you are, then he would nerver lie to you, cheat on you or hurt you on purpose . If someone really understands you, relives your thoughts and knows your feelings, than he just knows how everything he does or generally happens affects you.

Then he forgives you your flaws and an upcoming fight is settled very soon, because he just understands what made you angry or hurt your feelings.

If you’ve found somebody, that really understands you, you should never let him go, because somthing like this doesn’t happen very often.

At the moment we are starting to plan our wedding next year, and I surely will have a lot more to tell in the process (wedding-dress has to be bought, the decoration needs to get picked), but at the moment there is just one thing for me to say: I’m really looking forward to the best day of my life, when the person, that understands me like nobody else does, makes me the most happy person on the whole wide world…just like so many times before…

@Manu: Ohana means family…

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Back to the future…or how Mel arrived at the digital era

Yesterday, after mere endless waiting and boundless anticipation it was finally time…THE incident of this new mobile phone finally arrived.

Well, the gentle reader now lifts an eyebrow in disbelief, while the ones of you that know me a little hold their breath…

Mel and a new mobile phone, this has never been there before!!!

Till now only second-hand-mobiles found their way to me, and mobile phones I could get from prolonging my mobile-phone-contract were always given to others because of a severe form of nostalgia.

Well, finally it was time for me to grant myself a new mobile…well, I should say have granted, because my fiancé Manuel, as the gentleman he is, pulled out his wallet and bought me my new phone 😉

The technics-freaks among you are at the edge of their seats now with one question burning in their eyes…”What kind of phone did you get?!”…

Well it is…

an iPhone 3G S 🙂

Hard to believe but true, I’m the new owner of this fantastic piece of technology 😀

Well, those of you who know me well will now screw up their noses and ask themselves if I’m really able to deal with such a marvelous treasure…or whether I’m till looking for the keys…

Haha, far from it! As soon as I got my hands on this magnificent speciment and finally made get it going (yeah, I have to admit there were little difficulties at the beginning, somehow I was too excited to find the place I have to put that damn Sim-Card in *looking at the ground in shame*) I was absolutely in my element 🙂

And still I’m totally ecstatic! *I* even went online with my phone and twittered a bit, imagine this!!! 😀

Next I will install my mails, so that I’m always reachable from all over the world…at least, if I want to, haha 😀

So, for now I will surf a bit through the App-Store and look what my Apple-Friends hold ready for me 😀

Lordly-forward-looking greetings

Mel 🙂

PS: I really would appreciate some recommandations concerning good Apps 😀

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Comfort for my soul and interim balance 2009

My beloved visitors and precious readers!

As I wrote a few days ago I made and appointment at my favorite-hairstylist Toni&Guy here in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. This team, especially my beloved girls Natalya (does the color) and Sabrina (does the cut) are always a real comfort for my soul. My hair is always the way I wish it to be, after I was there…ah, what do I say, it is even better than I imagine it to be. I get good advise and even objections, whis is really important to me! I favor an honest statement over hypocritical gibberish. So, as always, I’m really satisfied and downright elated because of the amazing day I had so far 🙂 At the end of this entry you’ll see the result of my visit 🙂

What else is there to talk about? Well, on my way to the hairstylist I pondered upon me, my life and the world in general. I made a short interim balance of the year 2009 for me, and my good spirits was justed reinforced by the good care of my hairstylist. The year 2008 was really the hardest year I’ve ever had. A series of strokes of fate really threw me off the tracks…so I fell out with my former best friends and therefore had to move out of our shared apartment, I damaged my knee and needed a new cruciate ligament, I was generally totally overworked because auf university and the house moving process all at once and also financially this was a huge efford, which I only managed to solve by spending the money I saved over a time course of more than three years for purchasing my own car someday 😦 Not mentioning the mental-emotional aspect. In short, at the end of 2008 I thought I was never able to stand up again, to get over all this and be myself again. Normally I’m a person, that always stands up one time more often than she falls down, but after the house moving, finishing the course of university I was at and surviving my surgery all that was left of my self esteem, my courage and my morale was a wake of devastation. At the end of 2008, precisely around christmas and new year I took a vacation together with my fiancé. This was the first holliday after 5 years, and I really deserved that, after all that had happened. I was able to recharge my batteries, to recover and take a brake from everyday life. Well, what shall I say about 2009 now? I stood up again, just as I always did, I fought and just as always I managed to come out stronger and wiser from this personal apocalypse. I learned a whole lot about me and other people and know now, who my true friends are, whom I can ALWAYS count on and who lends me his support in my darkest hours (at this point I especially want to greet Manuel, Christian, Markus aswell as my Guys from Trier! Maybe you not always noticed it, but without you I wouldn’t have made it through!). The year 2009 till now is the best year I’ve ever had. I managed to overcome the worst time of my life so far, passed my diploma exams very satisfying, I am planing my wedding for next year and really look forward to starting my diploma thesis 🙂 And mainly one thing is very important to my for my balance: I again was confirmed in my opinion, that there is no darkness without light and no light without darkness: every time something bad happens to you, it in the end is for the greater good or is evened by something good…at least, in my experience, and this thought helped me every time 🙂

Well, and now, for my excited readers, here is my new hairdo 🙂


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Quoth the raven…Nevermore…

My beloved people and dearest readers of my blog!

Tonight I had a strange dream.

I walked path a field with several ravens sitting there.

One of the ravens took to the air and landed on my shoulder.

He sat there, and everyone I walked by looked at me peculiar.

I wasn’t afraid, it was more like the raven wanted to be my friend and tried to tease me a bit.

I remember, that I thought he was rather big and heavy, but I didn’t want to chase him away, because I thought it was an honor, that such a wild creature wanted to be my friend.

Now that I’m awake I checked the internet for the dream meaning of the raven.

I’m really interested in all this spiritual, commonly called “overnatural” things.

Dort fand ich folgendes:

“[The raven] is harbinger of harm and failure. If someone is dreaming of a raven, this is the sign for unhappy thoughts. The black bird flies through your dreams as the unlucky fellow, as the dark thought threatening your self.He symbolizes mischief and fights, theft or infidelity. You have to expect a twist of fate or lack of peace. Flying in front of your or sitting on you means mortal danger.”

(translation from

Well…mortal danger…interesting…

I have to say, this gave me the creeps…and this is why I’m posting this blog  ;)

Should I in the nearing future meet my maker, push up the daisies or bite the dust, you are now forewarned. ;)

Wish you all the best!

Your beloved Queen Melanie of Melania

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Removing Mel’s Threads

Good Morning my beloved people and dearest readers!

After the laparoscopic removal of my gallbladder 12 days ago (my Stone Age finally came to an end *g*) it was time to remove the stitches.

I have four small scars, so this was a quick thing…but the result left me with discomfort.

Two of the four scars are healing pretty well and look good. The third one caused me some trouble already but looks good anyway and just got some iodine ointment. The fourth however was still fairly wide open in my opinion, and removing the threads did hurt actually.

I will keep an eye on this one, because I don’t want me and my guts to go separate ways eventually 😦

*Sigh* it would have been too easy if this just healed on its own without a whimper…

As for now I will make appointment at my hairstylist to easy my frustration 😉

Wish you all the best!

Mel 🙂

And here a picture of the good-looking scar:


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